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I have known Roger and Laurie for a few years now, when my oldest daughter Stephanie started playing rec soccer 4 years ago. She was chosen to play in the all-star team and had the opportunity to meet and train with Roger and Laurie. After those trainings, she knew she wanted to play travel soccer with them. Unfortunately for her, I didn’t understand the importance of developing the skills at a younger age and didn’t realized she was so determined to play to the next level. I learned my lesson the hard way. My second daughter, Emily, has been lucky enough to start playing soccer at a younger age. Right now she is 9 years old. She has been training with Roger for 2 years, and I am amazed on how she has changed on and off the field. The quiet and shy girl is now energetic and confident in all that she does. Emily has developed a passion for soccer that I thought a person of her age could never experience. The love for this sport comes thanks to the great environment she feels around Roger and all his staff. The way they train shows me their professionalism and the love the coaches have in what they do. And that love is reflected in Emily when there is not one day she wouldn’t want to train. You really feel part of a big family. I am fortunate that Emily is part of this academy. There is no better place for her to play soccer. Roger has made a positive impact in OUR lives. My daughter would do anything for him, not only because he is so nice with her, but because he shows his love for everyone by making them better soccer players and better human beings.- IP

Our daughter Reagan has been training with Roger, Lori, and their SAT staff for about two years. We’ve seen her technical skills and her understanding of the game improve dramatically over that time. She’s been given opportunities to play and train with older kids which has hastened her development The commitment the SAT staff makes to its kids, and the passion they all share for the game is obvious. Reagan now shares that commitment and passion. There’s no place she’d rather be than on the soccer field playing or training. The variety of training methods (Futsal / Freestyle Fridays / Small-sided games) keep the game interesting and fun for the kids while serving as valuable tools for skill development.

SAT’s “player first” development philosophy is very important to us. When they say “it’s not all about winning”… they mean it. They teach their kids how to play the game properly. With technical skill, intelligence, personality, and speed. They do this in a positive, encouraging way. I’ve seen 2 years worth of practices and games and have never once seen one of the SAT staff members yell at or berate one of our players. Winning will come in time, AFTER the kids are taught how to play the game the right way. We’ve seen this demonstrated with our daughter’s teams.

SAT’s website is well-designed and informative; and the facilities and training times are convenient for our family. SAT and their training philosophy has our family’s full and complete support. We’ve seen the benefits to our daughter both on and off the field. - PY

It has truly been a pleasure having our daughter, Maya, be a part of the academy over the last two years. Under the direction of Coaches Roger, Laurie, Glen, and the rest of the dedicated team, she has developed many of the necessary skill sets to be successful. Because the focus of instruction is placed specifically on teaching the true fundamental aspects of the game (not necessarily the outcome), the participants acquire a strong foundation that leads to further development and success.

Each member of the staff plays an integral role in assessing the skill level of each individual athlete by identifying their strengths and opportunities. Upon completion of the assessment, specific regimens are created to foster their individual development. To further that development, players are allowed to compete against others with similar skill sets as well as presenting challenging situations by allowing them to compete against players with slightly greater abilities. Most importantly, our daughter looks forward to participating because she has fun! The environment that is created by the academy fuels her passion for the sport, and it is evident by her always sporting a soccer jersey, kicking a soccer ball, or watching a match on TV. Thank you, SAT! - GA

My daughter played for and trained with Laurie and Roger for 4 years. She had played soccer and trained with other trainers for 5 years before that. I can honestly say that the training she received with Laurie and Roger was by far greater than she had ever received with anyone. Her level of play improved dramatically. She had not trained with Roger for several months and had been only training with her club. After doing one session with Roger, she said ” I forgot what great training was”. I firmly believe that Roger is the best trainer out there. I cannot imagine that anyone who trained with him would not be taken to the next level or higher.- LA

Not only has my child’s soccer skills improved, but she has developed into a child with confidence, determination, and a great group of friends. You can’t put a price tag on that kind of success.- DT


It was 4 summers ago that we brought our daughter Alex to your summer camp. That one week in your camp changed everything for her because the training was so different and so much more fun than any prior training she had received. After training with your academy for the past 2+ years, she has developed technically, but more importantly; she has a love for a game that teaches her discipline and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Now my son Kyle, after one season of training with your Future Stars, has that same passion. Thanks to you, soccer is part of my kids’ every day lives: training, playing in the back yard, in the house when the weather keeps them in, watching the game every day on TV, and collecting cards & stickers. As a licensed coach myself, I can really appreciate all of the research & education you have invested in, & the effort you have put in to create an amazing environment for all of our kids to train in. They love you and all of your trainers because they feel safe & supported to take risks and solve their own problems on the pitch. My wife and I feel that the development of SAT is cutting edge for US soccer because it meets the training and emotional needs of the players and addresses the concerns of the parents. Moreover, we love how SAT provides us with the flexibility to customize the the kids’ training schedules to avoid conflicts with school related activities. You guys are way ahead of the curve!- HY