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Kai Thomas

Player Profile:

Back Row: Third Player from lefr | Kai Thomas | Picture taken in South Korea | 2019 Tournament


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InterMiami CF

Date of Birth: 11/9/2002


American Citizen

Jamaican Citizen

Graduating Year: 2021

GPA:  3.5 'Honor Roll'

Jersey Number: #15

Primary Position:  4

Secondary Position: 5

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 165 lbs.

Leading Foot: Right




As an extremely competitive person, I want to be the best at everything I do. This competitive spirit translates both on and off the field, whether it be in the classroom, during a practice, or participating in a game with friends. I expect the same competitiveness from my teammates. I'm not focused solely on my individual growth, but also on the growth of the team. If teammates aren't pushing themselves, then they are not of giving the best competition to the rest of the team. Always giving my best tends to bring out the best in others. As I'm always striving to get better, I take constructive feedback from coaches and teammates well and apply it as soon as possible.

My tactical ability and excellent field vision are two areas where I stand out. My high soccer IQ allows me to play quickly, as I often have a good idea of what I'm doing before I receive the ball. I'm highly versatile: I have an equally strong and accurate right and left foot and play both right and left center back, because of my strenth and height, field vision and ability to compete for aerial balls, this is a position I love.  I am dominate in most 1v1 defensive situations, so I've also defensive midfield. For the FC Dallas and New York City FC, I have played center back.





Playing Experience


MLS Dev. Academy InterMiami CF: 2019-20


MLS Dev. Academy New York City FC Boys 02: 2018-19


MLS Dev. Academy FC Dallas Boys 02: 2017-18


MLS Adidas Generation All-Star Team,

Holland & Netherlands 2018


Parkland Soccer Club 01: 2016-17


US Dev. Academy Weston FC Boys 02: 2014-15


US National Training Center U15: Carson, CA 2015




Highlight Clips (from Hudl):  Click on the link below to see Kai Thomas clips playing in a 1-4-3-3 formation as a Center Back (#4 / #5) :

Reading long ball defensive header

Composure Under Pressure

Breaking Line Passes 

Tackle Inside 18 Yard Box and Trans D-A

Closing Down Space

Playing thru seem 

Playing out of the Back 

Kai_Thomas NYCFC v Phillly Union

Supporting position for #6

Playing out of back under high press 

Defensive Header in Defensive Third of Field

In Possession: Breaking lines with pass

Defending: Running down from behind

Interception Defensive Header 

Reading game playing over opponent 

Possession: Building out with #1/#6 

Possession: Playing out of back 

Pass back to GK 




  • Ability to perceive and read cues (far and close).
  • Ability to process (make choices) under pressure without emotion.
  • Very good knowledge of the dynamic game.
  • Ability to recognize cues in situations.
  • Good passing long/short driven balls.
  • First touch forward to drive inside with ball by dribbling.
  • Positioning, anticipating dealing with vertical long balls.
  • Efficiency in aerial and ground duals.
  • Varity of passing skills.
  • Reading the game.
  • Excellent positioning and decision-making.
  • Good eye movements and think ahead.
  • Play to win.


  • Play professional soccer at Manchester City in England.
  • Want to make the US National Camp.
  • Play in the World Cup.
  • Use this platform to inspire others to take the risk and go after their goals and dreams regardless of the set backs along the way



  • Trust in myself and believe in my potential
  • Solid decision making
  • Learn from my mistakes
  • Able to keep my mind on the present
  • Coachable and use feedback well.
  • Challenge: See things as a challenge and remember what I do well.
  • Ownership: Takes responsibility for everything that impact my performance.  I believe that my performance is my own.
  • Risk: Get out of comfort zone and take calculated risks and find out how far I can go.
  • Grit and Perseverance: No quick fix, keep working hard.
  • Resilience:  Have the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.
  • Courage:  Strength to persist in the face of obstacles.

Key Values & Believe

  • Committed
  • Team Player
  • Respectful
  • Encouraging
  • Socially aware
  • Authentic Having an “Even-if” Attitude
  • Leadership Attitude
  • Positive Mindset
  • Courageous
  • Value work ethic
  • Humble
  • No Whining
  • Self-Discipline
  • Awareness of on and off field behaviors and how that impacts performance.
  • Relentless
  • Energetic
  • Resilient


  • I play for NYCFC, a club that allows me to reach my full potential because all of the coaches and staff are trying to help me become a professional player and maximize my potential.
  • There are professional coaches, trainers, technical staff that are always there to support and demand the right attitude, commitment, performance, behaviors and mindset from me. 
  • This helps me be the best and also be a good person.  My training contact time is 12 hours per week with my age group and challenges me to train up.   This environment helps me create awareness of how I can raise the bar in my game and expand my comfort zone.
  • Professional role models are playing for NYCFC and we can watch the pro team train and play games.